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Infertile dating sites

Infertile dating sites

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Seroprevalence of chlamydia trachomatis in infertile women in a tertiary care hospital: A pilot study. Women are infected more often than men, remain asymptomatic and suffer the most serious consequences of genital chlamydial infections like tubal infertility, ectopic pregnancy and the chronic pelvic pain syndrome. However, a strong association between tubal infertility, serologic evidence of prior chlamydial infection has been a consistent observation, in multiple studies.

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The study group comprised of 40 selected women comprising both primary and secondary infertility cases excluding the male factors and congenital defects of genitourinary tract. Women who had history of antibiotic treatment in the previous two months were excluded from the study.

The women who had normal Mantoux test, normal chest X-ray finding and previously not diagnosed as other STDs were included in the study.

Tubal blockage was confirmed by both hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy. Control group comprised of 40 fertile women. The patient's immune status ratio ISR was interpreted according to the kit and the significance of prevalence was tested by Chi-square test by applying various degrees of freedom and from probability tables of Chi square.

In the control group, seropositivity for Chlamydia IgG was 7. The study group comprised of 24 primary infertility and 16 secondary infertility cases. All the sera were non reactive for RPR test. If chlamydia antibody infertile dating sites is applied as a screening tool early in evaluation, a positive chlamydia antibody test might alert one to the possibility of tubal factors relating to previous chlamydial infection that would not be suspected, otherwise, [4] and it will help to determine whether hysterosalpingography HSG or laparoscopy will provide better information needed for planning the treatment.

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