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About the website Sample image from the Zimbabwe flora Our current sample image is of Zanthoxylum chalybeum var. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full image or click on the species name to find out more. Reload the page to see further images of Zimbabwean plants.

This site provides information about the flowering plants and ferns of Zimbabwe. As of today, Saturday, 5 Octoberwe have 6, native or naturalised species in the database for Zimbabwe. There are 31, images for 4, species, of which 3, are native or naturalised and are purely cultivated. The total number of records in the database for all countries is 90, The Site history page gives details of the latest additions to the site.

There is also a frequently asked questions page. View recently edited pages As a guide to where to look for new content, below are details of some of the most recently updated pages.

Further recently updated species may be found on this page.