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Dating over pronation head

Dating over pronation head

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The effect of the annular ligament on kinematics of the radial head. This study measured radial head movement and the location of the pronation-supination axis of the forearm with and without the annular ligament.

Pronation and supination were achieved by actuation of the pronator teres and biceps tendons, respectively.

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Motion was captured by video cameras via marker arrays attached to the distal radius, distal ulna, humerus, and radial head. Three pronation-supination trials were performed with the annular ligament intact and the elbow positioned at 90 degrees.

The sequence was repeated after transection of the annular ligament. On average, the mean pronation-supination axis screw displacement axis passed 1. Loss of the annular ligament did not change the location of the pronation-supination axis.

Loss of the stabilizing effect of the annular ligament increases the travel mediolaterally more than anteroposteriorly. The pronation-supination axis of the forearm is nearly constant and is not affected by annular ligament transection.

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The knee then rolls in (a good visual indicator of overpronation) and If you crane your neck forwards, or pull your head back, you'll put undue. Does the phrase 'heel strike' fill your head with question marks? Do you worry that you don't know your pronation from your supination?.

Pronation and supination of the forearm