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Dating too much stress

Dating too much stress

Warning: This photo is about to make your heart race and your palms get sweaty.

We still on for dinner tonight? The anxiety caused by read receipts captures a stressful new reality: The immediate gratification of modern technology is causing an increased anxiety in dating.

Is Dating Triggering Your Anxiety Disorder? - dating too much stress

Dating has always involved overthinking, but technology makes it worse. Sure, some of us are naturally prone to worrying ourselves sick over every social interaction. But with virtual communication, the impact of that overthinking tendency becomes even more acute.

Dating too much stress

Even seeing those "typing awareness indicators" — the three dots that appear when your texting partner is composing their response — can be anxiety-inducing. Abby, 20, from Springfield, Illinois, told Mic that she once deleted a guy's phone number after he uncharacteristically stopped responding to her texts. Without face-to-face contact, we don't have the cues we need to determine whether that last "LOL" was meant as a joke or a diss.

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That's especially problematic when the messages are banally simple. The absence of vital visual and aural cues can amplify our insecurities.

But I don't want to look too desperate! All this overthinking is bad for our health.

The self-doubt unleashed by an unanswered call or text is bad news, Rebecca Gladding explained in Psychology Today, because buying into your own negative thoughts can cause you to "berate and dislike" yourself. This can have real physical and emotional effects. When researchers from Ohio State University asked participants to ruminate on a stressful event, they discovered that levels of inflammation in the body actually rose in response to the article source thoughts.

In fact, a study of 32, individuals by the BBC's Lab UK and the University of Liverpool discovered that people who didn't ruminate or blame themselves for their difficulties showed lower levels of depression and anxiety, even if they'd experienced many negative events in their lives.

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And while brooding isn't unique to the digital age, our constant conversations only provide more opportunities to feel misunderstood or ignored, and then blame ourselves. There are https://tikoev.site/tag20/1660.php reasons someone might not respond to a message, or respond ambiguously.

Without knowing, it's too easy to meditate on every possible explanation.

That might mean triggering an awkward talk. But anyone who's ever been a part of a lazy three-week texting conversation with a Tinder match or been utterly ghosted knows it's worth calling something what it is — especially if it turns out you were getting stressed over nothing.

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