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Dating quest imaging auburn

Dating quest imaging auburn

No doctors visit is needed, no insurance required.

Results come back in days on most blood tests. For patients concerned about cardiac risk factors, they can order a cholesterol test aka "lipid panel" or "lipid profile". Patients can also order a c-reactive protein test CRP or a homocysteine test.

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Other common lab tests ordered in Auburn are a complete blood count with differential. A CBC w diff is often ordered to determine if the body is actively fighting an infection. It can also highlight other concerns with having too or too few white or red blood cells.

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A metabolic panel is another test frequently ordered in Auburn. A CMP includes many different markers and is often ordered every year as part of an annual physical or check up.

Other names of the CMP include "basic metabolic panel" or "comprehensive metabolic panel". The most popular test we sell in Auburn is the Basic Health Check.

This is a general wellness blood test panel. Our patients have depended on this panel for over 30 years.

Simply order your labs in advance and have the testing performed at the patient service center of your choice. Use our Lab Locator to search by zip code.

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