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Quality of Life, Lower mental health and quality of life in patients with chronic progressive neurodegenerative disease CPND. Review the case, adaptation disease could be measured in progressive chronic neurological diseases CPND by means of longitudinal comparisons paired with quality of life QoL and health status HS and mental health MH and physical health PH domains of quality of life instruments.

Health Physics; Mental health; Health Differential receptivity of mental health appears to be higher in multiple sclerosis. Apparent lack of difference in https://tikoev.site/tag2/7062.php mental-health health responses in ALS, the responsiveness of parkinsonism may reflect the small number of paired comparisons or the negative influence of cognitive dysfunction in the development or change of response assessment.

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Response change is also an active response in the cognitive process that is limited in degenerative neurological conditions associated with dementia. A total of adults from four different countries United States, Canada, Croatia and Spain were also analyzed.

Similarly, many instruments were used to measure different dimensions in the study. A cross-sectional study methodology was clearly distinguished; the longitudinal methodology was only present in one study.

One article referred a systematic review and another psychometric study of a scale validation.

The current review revealed few studies about this issue which is so relevant today, "Quality of life in patients with neurodegenerative disease. The concept quality of life is variously used to indicate health and functional status, perceived health status, subjective health, health perception, symptoms, satisfaction, cognition, functional disability, disorder and well-being [ 4 ].

Often in clinical studies these terms are interchangeably used, although, it is evident that they are different concepts.

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It is crucial to emphasize the importance of differentiating health status and quality of life. Quality of life presents a wide range of dimensions in human experience, ranging from those associated with the basic necessities of life, to the realization of feelings and satisfaction; even including physical, psychological and social dimensions [ 1 - 3 ].

In general, these diseases have typical symptoms, such as, weakness, fatigue, motor impairment, ataxia, dysphagia, urinary complications, sensory loss, depression, cognitive decline, sleep disorders, among others [ 8 - 16 ]. These symptoms are potential contributors to lower health-related quality of life. In this literature review, we analyzed the physical component PCS and mental MCS of patients with Parkinson's compared to patients with neurodegenerative dementia [ 1 ].


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Several predictors of physical and mental components were found [ 1 ]. The impairment of these areas affects negatively the activities of daily living ADL in patients with Parkinson's disease, not only the basic physical activities, with instrumental activities of daily living IADL. Similarly, the realization of labour is also a compromised activity. It was found that the value of life in patients with Multiple Sclerosis influences a lot the quality of life, affecting the labour activity, labour productivity and increasing the use of health resources.

Dating quest xp yimg live

It should also be noted that the reduction in daily activities are likely to negatively affect the perception of the same; and can negatively affect many other areas, such as, self-perception of cognitive status, emotional well-being, communication skills, and social stigma. For the study and to evaluate these disorders and their influence on quality of life it is important to use measuring instruments, its development and validation.

The most commonly used instruments are here generic include individual indicators, health profiles and utilities measures are suitable to be used in different populations and diseases, have advantages of wide applicability in diagnostics, and consequently have a decision making impact, as well as, in clinical practice and research.

Many have been considered valid and reliable, increasing their usefulness in clinical scope. Sometimes, it is used very specific instruments, targeted for a specific disease. These measurements were repeated in a number of different neurodegenerative diseases, but are often criticized due to the lack of specificity and insensitivity to change over time [ 2 ].

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Both measures generic and specific are typically used to help assess the effectiveness of the trial and intervention research, however, there may still be other approach to the question, when measuring the quality of life focuses on state aspects of health.