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Dating photos joyeux et

Dating photos joyeux et

However, existing date stamps were to continue in use until they were worn out. This economy led to the retention of date stamps of earlier vintages and, furthermore, when an office changed its address, it used at its new address the date stamps which still bore the old address In the most common telegraph date stamp was a small wavy circle of which there were several variants.

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Other different types were used, some with appendages. Most of these date stamps were applied in blue, some in red, and occasionally in black. The 22 mm diameter 'postal' date stamp is sometimes found on pneus prior to the application of the decision. The 'postal' date stamp of 25 mm diameter incorporating a B was applied at the Exposition Universelle.

Dating photos joyeux et

Again these were usually struck in https://tikoev.site/tag1/5681.php and sometimes in black, but in the first half of a number of of fives used a violet ink. As has already been described, the Paris post offices numbered up to 9 had their telegraphic numbers preceded by a zero and this appeared in their date stamps.

Hexagonal date stamps intended for the late-fee. At the turn of the century new types of date stamp were introduced which, for the first time, showed the time of despatch of a pneu, so that it was no longer necessary to record this time in the daily register.

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Two of these differed by having small and capital lettered "d" in "du" A pneu, during its journey from the sender to the addressee, might have to be transferred from one tube line to another and when this occurred the office of exchange applied its date stamp on the back. Using date stamps incorporating times, the times of each stage of a journey could be ascertained.

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At the big exchanges of Central and Bourse a stamp was mechanically applied. Around a date stamp of the 'Rotoplan' type was introduced with the year appearing at the bottom; shortly afterwards there was another on the same pattern but within the year in the central slug. This is not an exhaustive list of the postmarks but served to illustrate the principal ones.

Dating photos joyeux et

Postmarks of the Pneumatic Post. The auxiliary marks on the conventional go here have also been applied to pneus, often in a particular context. A pneu put, not into the correct and smaller box, but into an ordinary post-box would, on being sorted, receive the post office date stamp and also the mark 'TROUVE A LA BOITE' before being transferred to the telegraph counter where the telegraph date stamp would be applied.

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In much the same way, a pneu put into a box attached to the rear of a tram would be taken to the post office adjacent to the Paris terminus of the route of that tram, receive there the post office date stamp and 'B M' for boite dating photos joyeux et before being transferred to the telegraph counter where again the telegraph date stamp would be applied.

In the early days of the pneumatic post, pneus might be addressed, by accident or otherwise, beyond its boundaries; they were then endorsed in manuscript 'Hors limites' or 'Hors service' and transferred to the post. The sorters tired of writing and made up their own handstamps for these and other annotations. In this category of individual initiative handstamps is 'BOURSE B' B for here applied to pneus arriving at Bourse for the suburbs after the last despatch and held there overnight.

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A handstamp often found on pneus of and the five following years refers to the registration of pneumatic mail. The 2 francs letter-card of contained on the back the information that pneumatic mail could be registered in the same way as ordinary mail and this facility was widely publicized by a cachet applied by hand to the front of a pneu.

There are numerous varieties, those of show that there was a special registration fee of 1. The pneumatic service was for a long time less severe than the ordinary post in taxing a deficiency and until only the simple difference was taxed.

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The original compulsory use of the official postal stationery and the weight limitation of 7 grams made dating photos joyeux et impossible but after the concessions of and underpayments could and did occur. If a pneu or a privately printed envelope bearing postage stamps appropriate to the tariff for 7 grams weighed more than this but not more than 30 grams the addressee had the option either of paying the simple difference or of refusing to pay in which case the item was transferred to the ordinary post and delivered later.

Afterunder the same conditions, double the deficiency was required although items were.

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