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Dating greco guitars

Dating greco guitars

They have been making guitars since the early 's at the FijugenGakki plant. At first, they didn't have the hardware to make really good, exact replicas, but by or so, they had the correct-style hardware to match their excellent craftsmanship, and they put out some killer replicas. They beat Tokai to the lawsuit race by at least 5 years.

Eventually, as the company found that the demand for their popular replicas grew and that the size of the production was getting too large, they relinquished their Stratocaster division to Fender Japan in late Greco dating greco guitars retained the dating greco guitars of selling great Gibson clones and other brand knockoffs of extraordinary high quality up until They are becoming extremely rare and the demand is getting greater by the month for these older Greco guitars.

Many guitar magazines printed in Japan recently illustrate this demand. Collectors around Japan lend their guitars for pictures and experts lend their stories to gather a very good history of the companies and interesting tidbits of knowledge.

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I am trying to translate this into English little by little and will share more as I learn more. Greco guitars are fairly easy to date. The letter that may begin the serial number corresponds with the month of production, and the next 2 digits tell the year.

You can learn more about Greco guitars here, by visiting the following websites… Enjoy! Japanese text support may be needed to view these sites :.