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Dating options profit and business

Dating options profit and business

You'll find these Date Range options listed in the main report view, as well as when adding columns in the layout editor. Full detail and some handy report tips on our Blog : Show all 33 replies I think the best solution to this would be to have another date "type" called "Year to date" which would show the years date to the date that he report was run.

Dating options profit and business

I can see that the columns automatically apply relative dates to the date run so the previous month will always be correct but the YTD still needs to be resolved. Am I missing something?

I agree this feature would be useful, and would like to know if it is possible without using the custom field Craig Bond The point of custom columns is so that you can create completely flexible columns as you need - not pick from arbitrarily chosen columns by us that may not solve everyone's request.

I've added a screenshot that shows you what I mean. It may take a little time to get used to the columns, but it will allow you to create pretty much every type of report you need. Brittany H Community Manager Hi there Mark, if you take a look at the Blog you'll see the team are working on this atm. We can't give a specific timeframe, but I'll let you know when we're close.

As always, this release is the first iteration, so it's not fully baked yet : Brittany H Community Manager Well you have an issue there.

Guess what, it does not work. Your idea of using the year is not a YTD number, it is the financial year number so it won't do. I will stick to the old report for now.

In the meantime though they can be added manually. Brittany H Community Manager Most good cooks tell you not to serve up stuff that is only half-baked :- Partner Template Report Creation part of Xero remains a big disappointment that lack true functionality, is unstable and big time waster.

There is much to admire about Xero in the basic booking keeping functions that does provide productivitybut Xero Report Templates process is not.

Gerard Eastwood Gerard, or you could think of it as the first course, with many more https://tikoev.site/tag19/7799.php come : Lots more is coming in the Report Template dating options profit and business.

If you can give me specifics I can pass on the feedback to the right eyes! Thanks for all you do. Merged: New reports with old reports date options Hi, We've started using the new reports and would love to have the same date format options available as the v1 reports - is that in the pipeline?

I have a fair racing of servers and php code that I have bad up since I had spent some days trying to get a new bit of language control software to work. Rich Agnew project manager, I am flying this unsolicited strong recommendation on behalf of Mr. It is a rendered pleasure to write this u Published: January 25, "Rich brewed to my chat inquiry and answered my phone call immediately and had the move plastered by the time i got back from lunch. Catches down the best experience I've had with a service professional and I won't bother looking anywhere else when my c I was dead in the top and on a time constraint.

This would prevent the issue we've found where you build a report for a particular month and have to build the YTD column as custom which you can't copy and edit for next month. Thanks, Rebecca North Agreed -- really appreciate the power of the new reports, but would love to be able to define them for my customer, so they can run whenever they want.

As it is, any modification to column dates in the layout editor, breaks the connection with the report date ranges.

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It results in: --Non-intuitive experience one date range selected at the more info, but another altogether in the displayed numbers --Not really being able to use these with customers, because of the advanced skills required that they're usually trying to avoid by using a professionalplus the UI confusion.

Only issue remaining is how to add a column that provides a YTD total of the monthly columns. With this addition the new report would be almost perfect! Anyone out there solved this one already? I want to compare to the same time last year for a seasonal business - not just the last month of this year. YTD is also not able to be added.

The old reports were actually better.

This is a must have to avoid manually changing the values every time we run a report. YTD is needed as a default option. Update on next release please?

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The mismatch between the dates on the report and Columns makes using these reports a non-starter for us. Ideally the date drop down for the custom columns should include an option to use the report date range. Would appreciate an update re the YTD option. Bill Hardie Hi team - work on this has been planned since we released custom columns, but took a little longer than what we would've click I'll be back to share as soon as they're here.

And of course prior yrs year end balance options for balance sheets. Thanks for merging my thread to this one.

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Full detail and some handy report tips on our Blog :.