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Dating resume update check

Dating resume update check

College student goes viral with brilliant DATING resume

You must be exhausted and so ready to apply to your dream job. However, before uploading that PDF resume, there are a few key things to double-check.

Correct Tense Past vs. Present As a general rule, if an action or accomplishment on your resume is in the past, use the past tense. However, if you are speaking about a current role and current accomplishments, use the present tense.

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Your resume should clearly state what you dowhat you have accomplished, and what your narrative is. If you are applying to be a social media manager, make sure your experience in that field shines through in your resume.

Dating resume update check

Two fonts and two sizes, max. Remove Unnecessarily Lofty Language A resume is not the place to get verbose or to use highfalutin language. A resume should be an accurate and complimentary reflection of you and your work product.

Using lofty language is a surefire recruiter turn-off. Delivery Format — PDF, please! Use a PDF and ensure clear delivery. Keyword searches and matching requirements will still be possible in a PDF format. Either way, provide enough context to show the impact and do not rely on generalities to get your point across.

This is for your benefit as well as the recruiter. The best way to name a resume is to include your full name, month, and year. Readability When editing a resume or CV, the sole focus is often on the content. Ensuring your resume is readable is an important final check before submitting it alongside a job application.

After all, your resume is a crucial test not only of your skills but of your ability to communicate clearly, succinctly and in a reader-friendly way. Hold your resume away from you and look at it from afar — if it looks like a lot to read, then it is.

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Make sure to leave some white, blank space for ease of reading. This gives a recruiter or hiring manager the ability to skim and instantly see the key points. Fact check Fact checking your resume is a must.

You can still land the [job] by being honest, and can gain valuable training and learning experiences on the job.

How to write a CV in 2018/2019 [Get noticed by employers]