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How pubg mobile matchmaking works

How pubg mobile matchmaking works

In other games, if the team loses, all the players share the same fate.

It does not work like that in PUBG. End game ratings of players are based on their individual performance in the match. There are different rankings for Solo, Duo, and Squad — and those ranking also changes based on which server you are playing on!

At first glance, the tier system might seem to be broken. A player who has Crown in Asia would be Bronze V in Europe, and as a result, he would be matched with bots and new players.

Which would be unfair to the new players, who probably would not be able to deal with someone like him. The higher you are, the fewer bots you will have in your game. Without the bots, you would not be able to get free kills to boost your skill rating.

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After surpassing a certain point, all your enemies would be a real human. Bots are usually only used in servers with a low number of players to kickstart the matchmaking.

How pubg mobile matchmaking works, pubg mobile matchmaking changes are here to ensure fair gameplay

In big servers, they are pretty much non-existent. Your tier is a factor in calculating how many real players and bots you would face but it does not decide who you will match against.

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If you are a crown ranked player in Asia playing in Europe, after games, you will start getting matched with enemies of the same skill bracket, such as another crown player.

It does take the game a few matches but you are surely going to be placed at the correct tier. The bots, however, due to their connection to both skill level and matchmaking, would be the same as when you are in a new server.

PUBG Corp has also worked on improving matchmaking and has added some 1PUBG Update Matchmaking improvements, Spectator Mode and more2Here's how PUBG Mobile Lite compares to the PUBG Mobile.

Expect to see a lot of bots in addition to real players. In the end, the only thing that matters is your skills in the game. With the help of ranking tiers, you would get a good fight on whichever server you are on. That is the best part of PUBG matchmaking system.

How pubg mobile matchmaking works

There are two reasons for that: Bots: As you get to higher tiers, bots are gradually replaced by real players. Real players are smart — they know how the game works, they have the experience in fighting and more importantly, they are here to win.

The more you played the more you learn, and as your skill level goes higher you match against players who have the same skill level as you do. Good luck in your games.

Highlight: No the matchmaking does not care only about the player's Tier! PUBG Mobile has its own unique ranking system and ELO/MMR mechanism. In other. Things that you did not know about PUBG Mobile Matchmaking!.