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Negative dating quotes

Negative dating quotes

Below is a customer invoice screen: The window has four sections: In the header section, you choose the customer account or add a new customer.

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You can also do a quick customer account enquiry, by clicking in the information icon. You then enter or select one of the multiple delivery addresses and other information, such as the document date.

Also in the header section, you can select a quote to link to the invoice using the From Quote field. Lines processed in the quote will be copied over to the invoice. This section also details the status of the document. There are two negative dating quotes options available in the header section: Send The following options are available: Send the document to the customer via email Print preview the document Print and email the document Print the Delivery Note You can convert the customer document to one of the following options: Create a Recurring Invoice from a document Create a Credit Note for a document Create a Credit Note for a document and re-invoice Create a Receipt for a document Copy the details on a document and paste it onto a new document You can add additional documents, notes and add an anticipated payment.

You can also add additional User Defined Fields on the invoice. Check the Use Inclusive Amounts check box to enter inclusive prices, and uncheck the check box to enter exclusive prices in the Lines section.

The lines section of the screen you will use for processing items and other charges that do not form part of your main trading activities, for example, delivery charges. Under the Type column you will select whether you want to invoice an item or select an account.

Under the Selection column, select the item or account.

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You can add new items or accounts using the drop down menu. You can also search for items by code or by name using this drop down. You enter each item or account on its own line, with the required quantity and price that you are selling for at the stage of processing the customer document.

Select the GST Type you wish to use. You use this for GST adjustment purposes.

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When you process purchases, for example, your supplier may round GST differently from Accounting. If there is a rounding difference, you can enter it as a GST-only transaction. Again, when you process purchases, for example, your supplier may round GST differently from Accounting.

You can add a discount percentage or a discount amount in the respective fields. You can also process projects, departments and cost codes per processing line.

Use the button to add a line and the button to delete a line. Click on the note button on the left hand side of the line to add a note.

Negative dating quotes

Click on the button to change the price list for the transaction line. In the footer section, you can enter a message or additional text to print on the document.

This section also summarises the total of the document. The document status displays at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the screen are five options: Save — to save the document and return to the screen that you were in. Save and New — to save the document and clear the fields so that you can enter another document.

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Print Preview — to preview a printable version of the document. Email — to email a PDF copy of the document to the customer.

These email addresses will pull from the Additional Contacts tab on the Customer Masterfile. You can select that the system uses the default email signature, or you can select an email signature that you created in the Company Settings…Email Signatures screen. You can also attach additional documents to your email, but it cannot be bigger than 1 MB.

Negative dating quotes; 95 helpful bad relationship quotes about moving on

Print Delivery Note — to process the document and print out a delivery note for customers to sign. You can also email a delivery note to customers. If you enter a Physical Item This does not apply to Service Items that does not have a cost recorded on the system, the system will notify you accordingly.

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